From The Dust
A Flower Must Grow

Hello there, I'm Tatiana Paratiri and my true mission in life is to help people be good. I need you to be ok, we need you to stay here with us.

Whenever you need a friend, I'm right here, just one click away. Please reach out. I can talk to you in English, French and Flamand.

HERE... will find

  • Health advice (quit smoking, get back to the gym...)
  • Nutrition tips (how to eat healthy with pleasure)
  • Mental health coaching (private)
  • Everything you need, you just have to email me.
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Rapid Weight Loss Diet

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7 Tips To Feel Mentally Good

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Hay Fever

Precautions and Remedies

here for you

My True Purpose is You.
You Matter.

Since I'm a kid, I needed someone to listen to me, to take care of me. But no one did. So today, if you feel lonely, if you feel like no one's here for you, if you feel like you can't talk to or trust anyone. Please know I'm here. I'm a phone call away.